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Program Participants

2nd Opportunity provides access to a referral network for employment, housing, social services, substance abuse treatment, and other essential supports for those who have participated in the 2nd Opportunity Program and their families. Please be prepared to provide the location where you completed the program. Please note 2nd Opp is not a law firm. We do not assist with legal cases nor render legal advice in any form or fashion. We focus on helping individuals find their Path Forward through tools, knowledge, and support. 

2nd Opp Re-entry and Support Services 

Krystal Scott, Director

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Assistance Programs by State

By the time Krystal Scott was 25 years old she had experienced poverty, incarceration, and homelessness. She knows what is like to sleep in her automobile. Like many others attempting to overcome negative life changing events, Krystal was told and treated as if she did not deserve a meaningful life. Determined to succeed, Krystal spent months learning how to access resources and to utilize tools, training, and education to rebuild her life. She gained an understanding of the state, federal, and non-profit programs that were available to assist her to get back on her feet. She learned how to obtain affordable housing, a cell phone, assistance with childcare, and much more.   


Krystal's deep passion for helping others has led her to become the Director of Re-Entry Services at 2nd Opp. In her capacity she created a directory that provides a referral network for necessary resources provided through state and federal government agencies, non-profit organizations, and Friends of 2nd Opp to assist individuals seeking a 2nd Opportunity.   


Unsure of where to start? Click here to get started on a re-entry checklist.


Federal Assistance Programs


Contact and Appointments

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What is the 2nd Opportunity Program? 

The 2nd Opportunity Program: Five (5) Video Based Courses- for Employment Readiness, Financial Literacy, Life Skills, and Re-Entry in English and Spanish. Each offers a Certificate of Completion. Graduation Pictures/ Instructing Video or Pic  

A Path Forward© focuses on re-entry barriers, emphasizing employment, interview preparation, communication skills, conflict resolution, rational thinking, and more.


A Path to Financial Freedom© is a financial literacy program providing the fundamentals needed to function in today’s world. It covers basic skills like budgeting, credit, and housing.  

Values-Aligned Goal Setting© helps individuals move forward by determining their values and setting meaningful short-term goals they can leverage into long-term success.  

A Path to Advanced Skills© is designed to raise awareness of the apprenticeship programs offered in state and federal prisons and upon release.   

A Path to Higher Education© explains the options available to currently and formerly incarcerated individuals pursuing higher education, including Pell Grants.  

Optional Supplemental Courses (Tablet/LAN Versions only) Dozens of courses are available to be assigned or self-selected to target issues (anger management, substance abuse issues, parenting, etc.) and provide high school equivalency preparation courses.  

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