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Friends of 2nd Opp

We have created Friends of 2nd Opp as a way to recognize those organizations and companies who are committed to help those seeking to reintegrate and get on with their lives. Fair chance employers that hire people with backgrounds, agencies that provide assistance with connections to essential services, and programs that provide for food, healthcare, and other necessitiesThis is our way of saying thank you to those that are willing to provide a second opportunity.


If you know of a company or an organization that fits into this category, please share this form with them so we can recognize them. Let's make this grow so our friends who are just starting the journey can see all the areas in which support is available.

Youturn Logo_Color.png

Youturn Health, LLC

Virtual support program and peer coaching.

Youturn Health is one of our trusted partners that bring behavioral health and substance misuse education programs inside correctional facilities. Their program is the only clinically-reviewed peer support program in the country.


Dr. Chico Tillmon is a powerful advocate for change. As the Director of the Community Violence Intervention Leadership Academy, he has become a driving force behind innovative approaches to addressing and preventing gun violence. His expertise has been recognized by the White House and utilized in shaping policies aimed at curbing community violence

Dr. Chico Tillmon

Director of Community Violence Intervention Leadership Academy


G.O.D is a non-profit organization led by Celia Colón which provides direct re-entry pathway training, job readiness programming, coaching and mentoring services. Immediate mutual aid relief is provided by their emergency basic needs care package.

Giving Others Dreams

Direct re-entry services and holistic support for justice impacted women.

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