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Friends Of 2nd Opp

Reentry after prison, returning to society after treatment, bouncing back after a negative life changing event is an extremely difficult situation. Reentry is like a jigsaw puzzle, each individual has their own unique puzzle. Some are fortunate that they maintained close family ties, that they served a short sentence, that they have current job skills or a superior education. There are very few pieces in their puzzle.

Others, however, may have a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces which creates anxiety imposes a challenge to determine what the next steps are. A long sentence causing than to be far behind in technology, any enormous gap in their resume, outdated job skills, and estranged relationships with family and friends make the journey sometimes unbearable.

We have created Friends of 2nd Opp as a way to recognize those organizations and companies who are committed to help those seeking to reintegrate and get on with their lives. Fair chance employers that hire people with backgrounds, agencies that provide assistance with connections to essential services, and programs that provide for food, healthcare, and other necessities.

This is our way of saying thank you to those that are willing to provide a second opportunity. This page will be built out on a regular basis and ultimately, we'll have hundreds of companies and organizations that we wish to thank and recognize for taking care of some of the puzzle pieces. If you know of a company or an organization that fits into this category, please let us know so we can recognize them.

Let's make this grow so our friends who are just starting the journey can see all the areas in which support is available.

         -Thank you

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