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The 2nd Opportunity Program was created to help those who have demonstrated behaviors that are contrary to prosocial behavior. The courts, in their wisdom, have determined that an alternative to incarceration would best serve the individual and society. Paramount to the individual’s chances to eradicate the conduct that placed them in front of the court are a plan to acquire skills to remain sober, to find meaningful employment, to have positive relationships and to regain their self-respect. Our program addresses these issues by providing meaningful tools developed through lived experience, anticipating the challenges, fears, anxieties, and barriers with proven methods of navigating them. This results in the creation of a realistic plan.

A Case Management Tool

The program instructs subjects necessary to discover a productive path, such as budgets, a plan to get a job, improved communication skills, etc. The program provides forms that can be submitted demonstrating progress. Additionally, the Court can assign supplemental courses to target specific situations, such parenting or anger management. The Court (or other staff) is provided administrative access to the system to track the progress of the participants with the capability of printing progress reports. 

The 2nd Opportunity Program: Five (5) Video Based Courses- for Employment Readiness, Financial Literacy, Life Skills, and Re-Entry in English and Spanish. Each offers a Certificate of Achievement. 

  • A Path Forward© focuses on the barriers of re-entry, emphasizing employment, interview preparation, communication skills, conflict resolution, rational thinking, and much more.   

  • A Path to Financial Freedom© is a financial literacy program providing the fundamentals needed to function in today’s world. It covers basic skills like budgeting, credit, and housing.  

  • Values-Aligned Goal Setting© helps individuals move forward by determining their values and setting meaningful short-term goals they can leverage into long-term success.  

  • A Path to Advanced Skills© is designed to raise awareness of the apprenticeship programs that are offered while in state and federal prisons and upon release.   

  • A Path to Higher Education© explains the different options available to currently and formerly incarcerated individuals in pursuit of higher education, including Pell Grants.  

  • Optional Supplemental Courses (web-based version only) dozens of courses are available to be assigned or self-selected to target certain issues (anger management, substance abuse issues, parenting, etc.) as well as provide high school equivalency preparation courses. 

Delivery Methods  

The 2nd Opportunity Program is available in both English and Spanish and can be customized to address an institution’s specific needs. Our options of self-paced or group classes (or both) allow us to meet the needs of both the agency and individuals in an understandable and productive fashion.  

  1. On Smartphones or Computers. Through a web-based App the program is available to individuals under supervision allowing self-paced learning.  

  2. DVDs- Facilitated Model. In situations where a more hands on approach is required, DVDs provide a great solution. They provide flexibility to hold scheduled classes, stimulating conversation and experiential learning. Facilitator Guides and Training provided.  





Post Release Support 

We offer a complete array of referrals for employment, housing, education, training, social services, substance abuse treatment facilities, and veteran services. We also offer access to peer support groups and provide mentors as needed. 


How can the 2nd Opportunity Program help those involved in Court supervised programs?  

Our program is both a teaching and case management tool. You don’t have the time to sit with participants to show each one how to create a budget or help them practice how they will answer interview questions. You don’t have time or resources to assist someone to enroll in a welding (or other) program. Let us do that.  

You will be able to track the progress of each individual on your caseload and be able to hold them accountable for their efforts. Our ability to help them find employment or to provide peer support is a tool for you to assist them in the vital first steps as they navigate this stressful situation.  


What are Optional Supplemental Courses (Smartphone and Computer versions only)? 

We offer dozens of courses that are also available to be assigned or self-selected to target certain issues and behaviors (anger management, parenting) and provide high school equivalency preparation courses.  

What types of support do you offer to our population?  

We provide a complete array of referrals for employment, housing, education, training, social services, and veteran services. We offer peer support to assist those that are struggling. We are available by email and telephone to help with more challenging situations as well. 


How much does the program cost? 

The 2nd Opportunity Program is offered on an annual license basis. There are 2 ways in which we have seen the program deployed: 

-The agency pays for a projected number of licenses based on selected content.

-The individual pays for the program via credit, debit card, or PayPal. 

We are glad to discuss your preferences and provide a quote for your consideration.  

Click here for a complete FAQ sheet.

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