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While serving his 13-year prison term, Augie Ghilarducci had a front-row seat to the revolving door of prison. He saw men leave, one after another, only to return weeks, months, or even years later.  They were woefully unprepared to re-enter society. 


The 2nd Opportunity Program was created to help those who have experienced incarceration become self-sufficient, productive members of society—and stay that way.  Our approach provides meaningful tools developed through lived experience, anticipating the challenges, fears, anxieties, and barriers with proven methods of navigating them. This results in the creation of a realistic plan. 

The 2nd Opportunity Program consists of five video based courses focused on employment readiness, financial literacy, life skills, and re-entry. These courses are available in both English and Spanish, and upon completion of each course, students receive a certificate of achievement.






Based on your preferred delivery method, we have the option to incorporate supplemental programs, comprising of courses to target a range of issues from high school equivalency preparation and substance abuse, to parenting and mental health. We also assist facilities in implementing a high school equivalency testing program.  

Delivery Methods

The 2nd Opportunity Program is available in both English and Spanish and can be customized to address an institution’s specific needs. Our options of self-paced or group classes (or both) allow us to meet the needs of both facilities and individuals in a secure and productive fashion.


  • On Tablets. For institutions with computer tablets available to their population, the 2nd Opportunity Program can be integrated allowing self-paced learning for your population.

  • Live Streamed via WebEx or Zoom. Live streaming the presentations offers more flexibility in scheduling while still allowing participants to interact with the instructor.  

  • LAN. Our technology partnerships allow us to securely deliver the 2nd Opportunity Program into local networks within a facility.  

  • DVDs- Facilitated Model. In situations where tablets and Wi-Fi are not available, DVDs provide a great solution. Provides flexibility and the ability to hold scheduled classes, stimulating conversation and experiential learning. Facilitator Guides and Training provided. ​







Post Release Support

We offer a complete array of referrals for employment, housing, education, training, social services, substance abuse treatment facilities, and veteran services. We also offer access to peer support groups and provide mentors as needed. 

We offer optional Workbooks, Workshops, and Walkthroughs

There are two versions of the Prison Compliant workbooks: Companion Workbooks and Activity Packets. Companion Workbooks provide the text of the video presentations with the forms necessary to complete the activities, quizzes, and journal questions. The Activity Packet contains all necessary forms. 

Workshops guide people though the 2nd Opportunity Program to keep them inspired and drive course completion. They are impactful and done through Zoom (or similar) or in person. 


Walkthroughs (virtual or in person) allow us to meet with potential participants and explain the origin, value, and benefits of the program. This results in high enrollment of enthusiastic participants. 


Live Stream




Frequently Asked Questions

How can the 2nd Opportunity Program help your population?  

The 2nd Opportunity Program was created to assist those ready to move on with their lives. We help participants to navigate the challenges of the day-to-day world, get past the setbacks caused by substance use and other criminal behaviors, find a path to securing meaningful employment, knowledgably participate in the financial world, and prepare a personal, written plan for their future.

How can the program be brought into my Facility?  

The 2nd Opportunity Program was created to be utilized in any facility, regardless of size or population. We offer a variety of methods to allow secure access to the courses. 

What is the Facilitated DVD Model? 

The Facilitated DVD Model prepares the individual to lead the group, making the experience more engaging though discussions and sharing experiences. We provide Facilitator’s Guides and Training. The videos provide instruction of a topic, and the Facilitator uses the Guide to lead the group conversation. We will train staff or inmates to serve as a Facilitator.

What types of support do you offer to program participants once released from jail or prison?  

We provide an array of referrals for employment, housing, education, training, social services, and veteran services. We offer peer support to assist those that are struggling. We are available by email and telephone to help with more challenging situations as well.


How much does the program cost? 

The 2nd Opportunity Program is offered on an annual license basis. The cost will depend upon the number of participants being served over a one-year time frame and the method of delivery. There are optional workbooks, workshops, and facilitator guides that factor into the cost. 

Click here for a full FAQ Sheet.

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